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Research reports

February 2006
"Formula for Illinois' Future in Bioscience: Illinois Science + Technology Park - Executive Summary / Addendum" (PDF)
Applied Real Estate Analysis, Inc.


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FC Times - A FC Communications Group Publication

June 27, 2006
"Sustainability in Action: Lab Buildings" (PDF)

April 25, 2006
"Groundbreaking Event Held for New East Baltimore" (PDF)

April 18, 2006
"Brilliant Science, Smart Business, Better Living, It's All Here..." (PDF)

April 11, 2006
"Forest City and Fitzsimons Announce New Partnership" (PDF)

August 2, 2005
"Forest City Unveils State-of-the-Art Tech Park" (PDF)

March 29, 2005
"Forest City Purchases Former Pfizer-Searle Site in Skokie for Biotech Campus" (PDF)

November 9, 2004
"University Park at MIT Receives Highest Award for Excellence" (PDF)

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Articles by Michael Rosen on

Michael Rosen, Senior Vice-President of New Business Development, writes a biweekly column, Yer Biotech Blues, which appears on every other Monday. The Mission of Yer Biotech Blues is to provide insights into the Midwest and national biotech scene as well as new developments in the biotech field.

January 15, 2007
"Stocks of Midwest Small-Cap Life Sciences a Surprise Package in 2006"
As we saw in our last edition, 2006 was a good year for the overall stock market..... Read the article

December 18, 2006
"State of Illinois Leads Midwest Region in Solid VC Financing Year"
Looking over 2006, my focus has been on biotech�s international side and trends..... Read the article

December 4, 2006
"MoneyTree Report Points to Ongoing Saga of Life Science Financing"
The world of financing life science companies has changed radically since 2001..... Read the article

November 22, 2006
"Illinois No. 2 in U.S. For Nanotech Research; Midwest Has Two Others"
Though the Midwest is not conventionally known as one of the leading biotechnology clusters in the U.S., it appears the region is gaining attention and stature in the related field of nanotechnology..... Read the article

November 6, 2006
"Midwest Universities Strong Contenders For NIH Funding in 2005"
A few weeks back we took a look at the results of the National Institutes of Health funding by state for 2005..... Read the article

October 24, 2006
"Japan on the Rebound: Implications for the Midwest, Part II"
Today we're getting into the numbers.Let's start with a closer lookinto how the leading Japaneese Pharma companies fared..... Read the article

October 23, 2006
"Japan on the Rebound: Implications for the Midwest, Part I"
A favorite topic of mine over the years is Japan. In this column I have reviewed in numerous articles different aspects of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and biotech markets..... Read the article

October 9, 2006
"NIH Funding Results For 2005: Midwest Has Two States in Top 10"
One barometer of R&D in the U.S. is the National Institutes of Health�s (NIH) annual list of spending in grant money by states..... Read the article

September 25, 2006
"Pharmaceutical Tango in 2007 and a Changing of the Executive Guard"
The tango is an elaborate, elegant and emotional Argentine dance that embodies a combination of rapid and slow movements..... Read the article

September 11, 2006
"Along With India, Chinese Pharma Dragon Rears its Growing Head"
I am on the eve of departing for Osaka, Japan for the Bio Japan 2006 conference as part of a small Illinois mission..... Read the article

August 28, 2006
"Still Heavily Dominated By the U.S., World of Biotech is Flattening Rapidly"
In Thomas Friedman�s "It's a Flat World' After All" article in the New York Times in 2005, he contrasts a personal trip to India in 2004 with the 1492 trip by Christopher Columbus to the new world..... Read the article

August 14, 2006
"U.S. News & World Report Dispels Myth Against Midwest Hospitals"
An Aug. 8 news article published on reviewed the top 100 most wired hospitals in the U.S with the Midwest hospitals making the cut..... Read the article

July 31, 2006
"As Biotechnology Turns 30 Years Old, Industry Lies at a Crossroad"
I wrote a column on (then on "The Birth of Biotech: San Francisco, Boston, Geneva or Chicago?".... Read the article

July 17, 2006
"Midwest Life Sciences Companies: A Sea of Red For the First Half of 2006"
At the mid-year mark, it was clear that Big Pharma had trounced the biotech industry in stock market performance for the first six months of 2006.... Read the article

July 3, 2006
"First Half of 2006 Roundup: Big Pharma Trumps Biotechnology"
Here we are already at the midpoint of 2006 and we're just on the cusp of Independence Day. The stock market so far this year hasn't looked pretty. The Dow is up a modest 4 percent.... Read the article

June 19, 2006
"The World of In Vitro Diagnostics: Another Midwest Success Story"
I'm in a real quandary this week: I have a number of juicy topics I wanted to review with you including my recent participation in annual Israel biotech/medical device conference BioMed 2006... Read the article

June 5, 2006
"Midwest Retains Dominant Role in World Medical Device Market"
In a recent column, we looked at the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and the size of the pharmaceutical market. For the first time, this market surpassed $600 billion... Read the article

May 22, 2006
"Big Pharma Continues Hunger, Search For New Products"
In our last encounter, we reviewed a list of the leading Big Pharma companies of 2005. At that time, I promised you that we'd look at some of the leading pharma products and deals of 2005. Let's get to it.... Read the article

May 8, 2006
"Top Big Pharma Firms of 2005 Seeing More M&A Activity in 2006"
I always look forward to writing this column with great anticipation. Why? Well, it's part of an annual ritual I have followed with eagerness as I grew up in the pharmaceutical industry initiating in my 10 years at Pfizer.... Read the article

April 24, 2006
"In BIO 2006 Aftermath, Biogenerics Will Be Hot in Foreseeable Future"
Growing up, one of my favorite albums from the Rolling Stones (not necessarily their best) was "Aftermath". This is an appropriate label for this period following all the intensity and excitement of BIO 2006 in Chicago.... Read the article

April 10, 2006
"BIO 2006: Let the Midwest Olympics of Biotechnology Officially Begin"
As I write these words, BIO 2006 in Chicago is finally upon us. This year's "It's All Here" theme reflects the broad diversity of biotechnology found in the Midwest from medical devices to diagnostics, drugs, agriculture... Read the article

March 27, 2006
"Swiss Biotech: As Quality as Big Pharma, Watch, Chocolate Industries"
I had the good fortune to be in Zurich, Switzerland less than two weeks ago to visit with a number of Swiss biotech companies and the Swiss Biotech Association. My trip was part of a mission that was organized by the Swiss Business Hub... Read the article

March 13, 2006
"In Addition to the Coasts, Biotech Also Mushrooming in the Midwest"
Though BIO 2006 is around the corner and coming to the Midwest for the first time, we know this meeting heads back to Boston in 2007. Nevertheless, it is a good sign that we've broken the original east coast/west coast mold... Read the article

March 6, 2006
"Eat Your Heart Out, Big Pharma: Top 10 Biotech Companies Explode"
There is an overwhelming perspective on the biotech industry that says it has yet to make any money and it continues to pump billions of research dollars without any return... Read the article

February 27, 2006
"As Winter Olympics End, 42 Days Until Olympics of Biotech in Chicago"
As I sit here writing this column, we are 42 days away from the Olympics of biotechnology happening in Chicago. Yes, BIO 2006 is right around the corner.... Read the article

February 20, 2006
"While Midwest Plays Small Role in U.S. VC Investment, Angels Rescue"
A few weeks ago, we talked about venture capital investments during 2005 in the biotech and medical device sectors and how these investments compared against the general VC landscape... Read the article

February 13, 2006
"Hall of Fame Museum: Origins of Rock 'n Roll Center in the Midwest"
Two things happened this week that jettisoned me into my rock 'n roll past. You biotech fans can chill for a week while I share some linear notes with the music crowd of the technology community.... Read the article

February 6, 2006
"U.S. VC Funding Flat in 2005 While Life Science Funding Grows"
As the topic of financing is vital to a biotech company and biotech (I use the word "biotech" in the broadest sense) companies are continually faced with the challenge of raising money due to a long product development cycle... Read the article

January 23, 2006
"Biotech Leads Fortune List of Top 100 Companies to Work For in U.S."
In the first couple weeks of 2006, we have been retrospectively reviewing what happened to our Midwest and major pharma and biotech companies during 2005... Read the article

January 16, 2006
"Midwest Small Cap Life Science Stocks Plummet in 2005"
Though I wasn't at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco last week, I talked to several people who were and understand that it was mobbed.... Read the article

January 9, 2006
"Health-Care Eyes Focus on San Francisco, War of the Stents"
he talk of the town (the town being San Francisco, which kicks off the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference on Monday) will most likely be the news from Sunday and early Monday that the Johnson & Johnson acquisition of Guidant... Read the article

January 3, 2006
"Biotechnology Flourishes in 2005 While Big Pharma Flounders"
I sit here writing this column as I appropriately listen to a new Cream anthology album called "Cream Gold," which was released in 2005 and is not to be confused with the live Cream concerts held in 2005. Why Cream, you may ask?... Read the article

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