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A leader in crafting and implementing optimal financial structures for real estate, Forest City Enterprises has completed more than $2 billion of financings in each of the past six years, utilizing more than 100 different capital sources. The company brings this experience to bear in order to customize a financial approach for each of its corporate, institutional or academic clients.

Forest City's capabilities and expertise include:

  • Off balance sheet structures
  • Funding of significant tenant improvements
  • Structuring transactions so that institutions can maintain the tax-exempt status of their assets and the long-term benefits of ownership
  • Extensive experience with tax-exempt financings

Whether an organization seeks a traditional lease with or without TI, to maintain its real estate on its balance sheets, or to monetize its physical property so that its financial assets can be redeployed toward its core mission, Forest City will work in partnership to establish a structure that achieves the physical requirement for real estate within the financial framework of the organization's broader objectives.

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