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Our Partnerships

photo: Anton Grassil

We believe each of our business relationships to be a partnership, where close collaboration and a respect for each other's point of view can bring greater value for both partners than either could achieve individually. The best partnerships are those in which all parties believe they have gained value.

Whether establishing a joint venture with a landowner or financial partner, building a base of operations with for a life science tenant, or collaborating with a team of consultants and contractors to achieve the best possible building, we build rapport with the individuals who sit across the table from us.

Forest City Science + Technology Group partners and forms a close-knit team structure with economic development groups, universities, hospitals, research institutions and industry users, providing a wide range of specialized services and financial resources to help formulate and implement a variety of real estate objectives.

Our unique Public/Private Partnerships include:

  • Working with local government to re-zone projects
  • Securing public funding to promote economic development
  • Job creation
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Direct assistance to tenants
  • Mass transit
  • Long-term partnership with city staff & elected officials to create new tax base, neighborhood revitalization and economic growth
  • Design guidelines to assure long-term quality, architectural integrity and seamless integration into the community

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